All Are Welcome in This Place

The invitation we extend to you is the one we have received from Jesus Christ. Christ Lutheran Church invites you to be a part of this vibrant community of faith. You are welcome irrespective of work or education, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, and whether your faith is as sure as an oak, as nascent as an acorn, or as pliable as a sapling. Join us on the journey!

What’s Happening at CLC:


Saturday, February 23 7 pm
Christ Lutheran Church, Natick MA

Pianist Rob Humphreville returns to the Christ Lutheran Parish Hall to improvise the score for the 1931 silent movie, CITY LIGHTS, with Charlie Chaplin as writer, director, producer and actor. Rob Humphreville’s brilliant improvisation heightens and complements the visual experience.  People of all ages will enjoy CITY LIGHTS. Charlie Chaplin plays the hapless tramp who falls in love with a beautiful flower seller, Virginia Cherrill and saves her from eviction and destitution.   CITY LIGHTS is appropriate for all ages.  Please join us to share a satisfying evening together.

All are invited to attend CITY LIGHTS.  A donation to help cover expenses is welcome.