Written by the Danish woman writer, Karen Blixen (pen name, Isak Dinesen), the tale is widely read as a modern re-staging of the Last Supper, with twelve lucky diners sitting down to a meal that will change them physically and spiritually for life. Our CLC Feast will not be limited to twelve diners, but it will also focus on the ways in which our weekly experience of the Eucharist brings together the earthly pleasures of breaking break and drinking wine in community with a heightened awareness of this weekly gift of grace: knowing that Christ is always present at the feast.

CLC’s Babette’s Feast, like the original, celebrates god-given artistic TALENTS. We will come together to enjoy the culinary genius of a certain Babette, the Parisian Chef who found herself, of all places, serving an austere community of Lutherans in a lonely Norwegian fjord.  At our feast, our very own Edie Lohr will play Babette by re-creating the extravagant five course meal, each with its own intoxicating elixir meant to bring out the flavors of the Creation, and WE will play the unsuspecting Lutheran congregants, isolated in the lonely suburban woods of Natick, whose only job is to let our taste buds testify to Babette’s art and our tongues loosen. In addition, select CLC members will play some of the roles from the tale. Look forward to cameo appearances by the French Opera Master, the Ghost of the Dean, the French chef posing as a lowly French maid, and the General whose rousing speech about the power of grace will bring the meaning of the whole feast together!

CLC’s Babette’s Feast, like the original, reveals that this meal is an extravagant gift, brought about through much sacrifice, which asks from us full participation – body, mind and soul! How apt then that the feast is being staged as an elegant fundraiser that will help our Houston-bound youth participate fully in this summer’s National Lutheran Youth Gathering.

The cost for the meal is $100 per person, or $80 without alcohol, the majority of which will go towards funding the Houston-service trip for our five CLC youth, Liana Chan, Otto Kirleis, Peter Miller, Fiona and Isaac Ripp, and their two youth leaders: Nate Pearson and Patricia Bianco.

The feast is limited to 40 diners. In order to hold your spot, please register with CLC by emailing  office@christnatick.org, or calling (508) 315-3170. Specify whether you would like $100 or $80 tickets. Payments should be mailed to CLC, or placed in the offering plate by April, 20th; checks should read: Christ Lutheran Church and in the memo line: Babette’s Feast/Houston. A thousand thanks!